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Welcome to the Western Territories. A land of opportunity, a land of change, and a land of adventure. The year is 1892. The United Republics of Columbia, the greatest nation on Earth, has enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity over the past decades. But the absence of an official war doesn’t mean true peace, as the inhabitants of the Western Territories know too well.

Once a lawless land, inhabited by outlaws, bandits, prospectors, the Western Territories in recent years has seen a surge in settlers hoping to stake out their own claim and earn their fortune. Now most inhabitants of the Western Territories are miners, cattle ranchers or farmers, trying to eke a living out in this dry land. New towns are springing up every day. The Lightning Rail, the modern marvel of technical and magical engineering, has connected the Western Territories with the rest of Columbia, and is the lifeline by which civilization is being brought to this barren land.

Gateway City, the largest city in the Western Territories, and the entrance terminal

The Orc Wars are a thing of the past, with the last Orc tribes wiped out over twenty years ago. The few remaining orcs and half-orcs live as bandits, drifters and outcasts, and it is assumed with either integrate into proper Columbia society or die off.

Tensions with the elven Huean Confederacy to the North seem to have simmered down, and while there are still occasional raiding parties, the

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